vokera compact 25 HE Combi Boiler and flue with FREE 7 DAY RF CLOCK - 5 Years warranty

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Manufacturer                                                   Vokera

Manufacturer Product Number                        20099226/EPP

Warranty                                                          2 Years (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)

Boiler Height                                                    715mm

Boiler Width                                                     405mm

Depth                                                               248mm

Boiler CH Output (Kw)                                     20

Max DHW Output (Kw)                                     25

Boiler CH Output (BTU)                                   68000

Domestic hot water flow rate                          10.2L @ 35C Rise

Energy Efficiency                                            89.10%

Installation PDF File                                         download installation file

Manufacturers brochure PDF File                   download manufacturers brochure

Model                                                              Compact

Boiler Type                                                      Combination Boiler

Fuel Used                                                        Natural Gas

ErP Hot Water Rating                                       A Rated for Hot Water

ErP Heating Rating                                          A Rated for Heating

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